How do I finish a bracelet on a bead loom?

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Question by Amanda: How do I finish a bracelet on a bead loom?
I finished a gorgeous bracelet on a bead loom, its ten beads wide. How do I finish it and attach a clasp. I’ve always just cut the strings and tied them to make a bracelet, but I want this to look nicer. I can only find sites on how to start and make the bracelet, but never how to finish.
Are there any other ways to finish that look nice?

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Answer by CelticDragon
I would suggest a three strand clasp. Cut the piece from the loom,leaving plenty of thread with which to work, separate the threads into three sections (3-4-3) tie a knot in each section as close to your beads as possible and run each section through a crimp bead and a ring on your clasp then back through the crimp. Having done that run each individual thread back through the beads your work securing with a few half hitch knots and trimming the ends. Crimp the crimp beads and secure your original knot with a bit of clear nail polish or glue. Voila, your beautiful new bracelet is ready to wear!

You may also use a clam bead cover before you tie the initial knot. If you are unfamiliar with these, it is a hinged bead through which you run your thread then tie the knot. Using this you would skip the crimp, I find a seed bead helpful to secure the knots, then run the threads back through your bead cover and finish as above gluing before closing the cover, then use the hook attached to the bead cover to attach to your clasp. The only problem with this method is that hook on the bead, as it is not a closed loop if there’s a great deal of weight to your piece or you catch it on something it can detach itself. (you may still use a crimp if you like, for extra security, just thread it on before the bead cover and follow through as above crimping upon completion!)

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